Happy Birthday to Us!!

1 year today. 1 year since The Cotton Poet was launched and introduced to you all. Wow. I can’t quite believe how quickly it has gone and how much has happened.

A lot of people over the first year have asked me how and why I set The Cotton Poet up. It’s a bit of a twist in the path from my City life but one of the best decisions I have made.

London City lifestyles look glamorous and fun – rooftop bars and high power jobs. I loved it and really did live by the ‘Work Hard, Play Harder’ mantra.

But having always been creative, right from a tot with dance and art, there was always the creative spark that was missing from the corporate lifestyle I was leading. A moment of inspiration and I was booked on to a 3 day floristry course in Covent Garden. 3 days of being around nature, colour, creating and chatting with some super interesting people was a far cry from my desk job in the City. From there it just snowballed.

My time working for a top interior designer early in my career, had ignited my passion for a beautiful home and with this always in the background, paired with my newfound drive to build something original and true to my creative style, The Cotton Poet was born.

Months of building my network, visiting supplier across Europe, prototypes and endless doodles and lists, I had the launch collection for The Cotton Poet.

With the support and input from talented contacts and now dearest friends, I have grown a brand identity that I am really proud of. My love for simple style with colour pop detail really drives The Cotton Poet. I’m known for my love of a bright shoes or a punchy lipstick with a my go-to jeans and white t-shirt. The Cotton Poet just feels like a natural extension of me.

Incredible manufacturers in Portugal (the mecca of top quality, ethically made cotton good) helped me translate all my doodles into the first collection, made bespoke for The Cotton Poet. I’m really proud of it.

It’s not all been glamorous though. Hard work, sleepless nights, tears and lots of coffee. But I have loved it. Genuinely love every step. Bringing something classic but fun to homeware has been a dream come true. I don’t have super powers or a secret investor before you ask. Hard work, a passion for design and a love for creating something beautiful drives me and The Cotton Poet.

I wonder what the next year will bring? Another colour for the range? More accessories? It's such an exciting time with momentum growing daily. But without all of you wanting a colour pop courtesy of The Cotton Poet, the 1st year of the adventure wouldn't have been as good. So thank you. THANK YOU. Honestly, a massive ‘Cheers’ to all of you. Bring on our 2nd year of the adventure.

Zosia McCaffrey