Let's talk: Colour - with W.A.Green founder Zoë Anderson

If you’ve been to London recently, and more specifically Shoreditch, you may be familiar with a store called W.A.Green. For those who aren’t – firstly, plan a visit. Immediately. I mean right now! W.A.Green is an emporium for all things fun, playful, and colourful - brimming with Maximalist homeware delights.

Having won Best Independent Boutique at the 2018 Trouva awards, and been featured in Emily Henson’s ‘Be Bold: Interiors for the Brave of Heart’, it’s safe to say that founder of W.A.Green – Zoë Anderson –  knows a thing or two about colour. We caught up with her recently to talk all things bright and beautiful, from decorating tips, to trend-watching titbits.

Zoe Anderson_008.jpg

We’re talking colour, so we should probably open with an obvious question: what’s your favourite? 

Green, of course! And that’s not where the shop name stems from (that’s named after my Grandfather). I can’t think of a room that wouldn’t work with green – choose the right tone and it can work as an interesting neutral, as well as the brighter, zestier tones that you might think of initially. Farrow & Ball’s ‘Green Smoke’ is a good example.

I just love the way green holds natural colours and makes them look relevant. Painthouse’s bright ‘Kamilla’ is another stunning example, and works perfectly with brown and caramel colours that we’re seeing more of in 2019. If you’re working with a smaller space with little or no natural light, an emerald green would be a great choice.


What are your thoughts on colour trends? What should we look out for in 2019?

I don’t really believe in following trends – you have to love something, rather than be directed by fashion. That said, I’m absolutely loving the earthy tones of terracotta and cobalt blue that we’re seeing much more of. They were prominent in Milan this year and I predict we’ll be seeing a lot more of them soon! Orange also seems to be making a comeback in a big way.


Do you have any tips for how our readers can use these colours in their homes? Whether that’s a quick update, or larger-scale revamp?

I’ve just chosen a midnight blue and orange scheme for my hallway revamp. I live in a very dark Victorian terrace and chose to paint all the walls, ceilings and stair runners in the darkest navy – paring it with bright, tangerine orange for that exciting colour pop.


Do you have a favourite room/colour combination?

Blue is a really energising colour for a kitchen. This is the room where you work your hardest, and spend a fair proportion of time when at home, so it’s always best to choose something that would make you feel positive and uplifted. I also love – you guessed it – green. Try a bright, jewel-tone green. Then for a bedroom, I love golds and caramels combined with pale pinks – these look pretty in the morning light, and enticing at bedtime.

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Is the use of colour overtaking the Scandi-neutral trend?

I think there will always be a place for Scandi-neutral, and that depends largely on where your house is located. Colours and textures are great to come home to if you’re living in a busy, grey urban environment, whereas a more neutral palette colour work harder in a more rural setting where you’re surrounded by bold green fields and bright blue skies. It’s all about working with your environment and home’s architecture.


When our taste in colour can change so readily, what advice would you give to someone who doesn’t have the budget to regularly redecorate their home?

White is a bright, bold choice, and makes everything look stunning and vibrant. Using it as a blank canvas, you can introduce dazzling pops of colour to set really it off. Using objects and furnishings as your colour-source means you can chop and change to your hearts content, without having to use a drop of what can be expensive paint or strip of wallpaper. Using textured wall hangings and other soft furnishings can also add a jazzy touch!

If you don’t live in London, or aren’t planning a trip any time soon, you can browse W.A.Green’s mesmerising wares online.