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Living in the fast-paced world we do means working days are getting longer and there’s so much to fit in once we’re up and about. As a result, commitments and errands cut into our time spent relaxing between the sheets. This routine just doesn’t fly on a Sunday. Even if it’s just once in a while, we think a Sunday lie-in should be seized with both hands! Here’s our recipe for the perfect morning spent in the comfort of our own beds:

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Why not rustle up this delicious recipe, which you can find on our blog? Leave the comfy confines of your bed for just 10 quick minutes and hop straight back in to enjoy every last morsel of your creation.

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A brilliant read

Rather than spending the precious morning scrolling aimlessly through social media, why not indulge in an uninterrupted (if possible!) nose-dive into a good old book? Escape into a new world or revisit a classic to fully switch off from the distractions of your busy life. Bliss.

Take a look at our Insta highlights for Book Club reading inspo

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Soft, clean sheets

You’re going to want to make your bed impossible to leave for the perfect Sunday lie-in. So you’ll want to have the bedding feeling soft to the touch, smelling fresh, and looking inviting. The Cotton Poet sheets are made from 300-thread-count cotton sateen (which bedding boffins will know is the crème de la crème when it comes to the ideal finish) and feel silky and luxurious. Cotton is also super breathable meaning it won’t trap heat - you’re in bed for the long-haul today, so you’ll want to be cool and comfortable.

You can read our top tips for achieving fresh, crisp bed linen below. 

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Fresh candle - £20


Your perfect Sunday lie-in should have a signature scent, don’t you think? Light a candle for a spa-like atmosphere and fill the room with a comforting, pleasant aroma. Whether you prefer sweet scents like coconut or vanilla, floral scents of rose or patchouli, or woody notes of black oak and cedar, there’s a glorious smelling candle out there for every discerning nose. You could try our personal favourite – Fresh – by clicking below.

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The prescribed uniform for your Sunday lie-in. Not a tie or brogue in sight, please. Whatever your style, make them soft, make sure the inside seam is not exposed and itchy, and choose a breathable fabric (natural materials are best for this, so 100% cotton, silk, or line) for optimum comfort.

Our favorite PJs at the moment art from Desmond and Dempsey. They are fellow Sunday lovers and have a great concept of a Sunday jiggle. With simple sheets, its great fun to have some out there patterns for your Sunday leisures. Check them out if you haven’t already!

Desmond and Dempsey PJs

So, with all of these at the ready, all that’s left to do is sit back, relax and make the most of it before Monday rears its busy little head. Catch you again next week.

~ The Cotton Poet

Zosia McCaffrey