Host the perfect gathering this Easter

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The clocks have sprung forward, daffodils are blooming, the first of the year’s lambs are leaping through the countryside, and with all of that – it finally feels like spring is in the air. It’s later than usual this year, but Easter is fast approaching! Whether you celebrate this in a religious way or not, it’s still a perfect time to gather friends and family together, and enjoy a much deserved rest over the long weekend!

Now, we know hosting isn’t exactly ‘restful’, but with these top-tips to hosting the perfect Easter gathering, we hope we can help to make it as stress free as possible!


The egg hunt

First things first, you’re going to want to stock up on a variety of little chocolate eggs for the famous Easter egg hunt to keep the little ones occupied. Don’t be surprised if some of the adults want to take part though – better to buy too many than not enough! It’s a good idea to buy a few different kinds to keep it exciting, but just don’t forget where you hid them all! We can’t take the blame for any melted mess found in a few months’ time.


A familiar decoration

Easter simply wouldn’t be Easter without some of those tiny, fluffy yellow chicks. You know the ones – made from pipe cleaners and plastic. Does anyone actually know who makes them or where they come from? All we know is, they need to be included in your table display, as well as jumping out of any gift boxes you might have put together – alongside the all-important chocolate, of course.


The feast

Like us, you’d probably be satisfied with gorging yourself on chocolate all-day-long. That might fly when you don’t have guests, but it’s probably best to have more variety on the day of hosting. This is a four-day weekend, after all – there’s plenty of time for the good stuff! For the family lunch, a roast is always a great go-to choice. Fresh spring vegetables and roast lamb with mint jelly would go down a treat – just make sure to include a vegetarian or vegan option if necessary!

You’ll want to serve a dessert, too! You didn’t think the Easter eggs were going to make it past lunch, did you? Something fruity is a good shout to cut through the chocolate. Alternatively, you could pile on even more with some gooey brownies – topped with mini eggs, of course!

While we can’t do any of the hard work or heavy lifting for you – nail these three things and we’re sure you’ll be the labelled the perfect host.