Top tips for maintaining fresh, crisp bed linen

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There’s a lot we can do to ensure we get a good night’s sleep - eating well, staying hydrated, and cutting down our screen-time, to name a few. Something I like to think of that’s even easier than that, is making sure our beds feel fresh, clean, and cosy – basically, how we care for our bed linen. Here are a few top tips to get you on your way to an even dreamier night’s sleep.

 Keep it at 30

Washing duvet covers, pillowcases and sheets at 30 degrees really helps maintain their delectable sheen and dreamy softness, and it also saves energy – so you can rest easy with a green conscience! Want to know personal favourite little trick of mine? Add a few drops of lavender oil with your fabric softener –  it’ll make them smell beautiful, and help you sleep even easier. 

 Storage is key 

If you thought caring for your sheets stopped once they’ve been cleaned, think again - how you store bedding is just as important! Keeping it stored in some sort of container will protect it from any unwanted dust and other particles that flow freely through the home, as well as food scents and other odours – yuck!. A dust bag (available from our store) or even a plastic storage box are perfect for keeping it tidy and fresh. For extra freshness, place a lavender pouch or tumble dryer sheet in with it.

 Now, it might not be the most fun task, but ironing your bed sheets after washing will give an even crisper and fresher finish. This is best done (and easier!) while they’re still slightly damp, which speeds up the drying process – bonus! Make a cuppa, put the radio on, and it’ll be done in no time at all.

 Layers of protection 

If like us you love a crisp set of white bedding, there’s an awful lot around the home that can quickly ruin their fresh, clean, dazzling tone. Mini human hands and paws are some likely culprits if you have them, but our bodies alone will give off oils and dirt acquired during the day – especially during the summer months! Placing a throw over a portion or all of the duvet will give some protection – why not try one of our colourful Henham  throws? It's the perfect excuse to add a little splash of colour to your room, too.


o, you’ve read this far and have hopefully the advice on board – now it’s time to put it into action! Care for your bed linen like you would any of your other precious belongings – with love, patience, and a little bit of tenderness.